Intermediate Theatre is comprised of students in Grades 5-6.  This course is designed to foster artistic expression and interpersonal skills amongst students and introduce them to theatrical concepts in preparation for higher-level theatre courses. Students will collaborate on creative projects, engage in classroom discussions, and analyze dramatic literature. 


Middle School Theatre is comprised of students in Grades 7-8. It is a fun-filled and imaginative way for students to exercise artistic expression and to build confidence. In this introductory class, students draw on foundational skills such as reading, writing, and problem solving as they study Theatre History, analyze dramatic literature, and develop their performance skills through voice, movement, and improvisation techniques. At the end of this class, which is offered on a yearly and quarterly basis, students have the opportunity to collaborate with their classmates for scene performances.

Secondary School Theatre is comprised of students in Grades 9-12. This course boasts an energetic and interactive classroom setting and is designed to equip students with basic terminology for acting methodology, movement, and vocal techniques. Students hone their performance, collaborative, and analytical skills through in-class workshops, classroom discussions, analyses of dramatic literature, and theatrical performances. 

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