Elementary Application

Elementary Application

Use this form to complete and submit an application to the elementary school at Atlantic Christian Academy.
  • Atlantic Christian Academy Elementary School Application

    We are excited that you are considering ACA as a school for your child! We look forward to meeting you and assisting you with the following steps: • Meet our staff and schedule a tour--contact admissions@atlanticchristianacademy.org or call 561-686-8081 • Submit a completed application with the Application/Testing Fee • Schedule a testing date--academic entrance exams are required for all students in the elementary and secondary school. This assists us in properly placing your child in the correct classes and assuring that we can meet your child’s academic needs. • Initiate the Recommendation Form process • Submit copies of your child’s most recent report card/transcript and standardized test results • Submit a copy of your child’s most recent photo and birth certificate • Schedule a Parent/Student Interview with an Administrator • Submit the Enrollment/Activity Fee
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    Atlantic Christian Academy has a non-discriminatory policy and admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin. However, to assist us in complying with accreditation and government regulations, we request the following information.
  • Parent Information

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  • Child Custody

    Copies of legal documents should accompany this application.
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  • Student Information

  • For instance, are there brothers or sisters, grandparents, or stepparents at home? Please mention those relationships or circumstances that are important to help us understand your child.
  • If you would rather describe this situation during a personal interview, please mention so in your answer.
  • School History

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  • If this is your child's first school, please respond "N/A".
  • Include the name of the school, a contact name, and a contact e-mail address and phone number.
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  • Multiple Language Study and Ability

  • We understand that as a student of Atlantic Christian Academy:

    1. Our child may go on scheduled off campus field trips and participate in other school activities. 2. Our child's picture and name may be used on the school's website, in school publications, and/or promotional material. 3. Class placement is the decision of the school administration. 4. The school has the right to dismiss any student who does not respect its spiritual standards, disciplinary procedures, or cooperate in the educational process and atmosphere set forth by the administration. By clicking submit, you are asserting that all of the above information is true to the best of your knowledge.
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