Tuition Assistance

ACA Need-Based Scholarship

At ACA, our desire is to make Christian education an option for every child. There is available assistance for tuition through an application process. Please email for more information.

Multiple Child Discount

10% off each additional child.

FACTS Grant and Aid

The Atlantic Christian Academy Tuition Assistance Program (ATAP) exists to glorify God by helping families financially. We use an independent company, FACTS, that collects all the necessary information on each applicant and assists the ATAP committee in determining the amount of tuition assistance for each family. Tuition assistance is awarded on an annual basis, and families must complete a new application each year. ACA’s Tuition Assistance Application will be subject to the following criteria:

* There is a $30 application fee to apply for tuition assistance (paid to FACTS)

* Additional fees, camps, and aftercare are not covered by tuition assistance (tuition only)

* ATAP awards will not exceed more than 50% off of your tuition. The balance will be your responsibility and will be billed according to the current ACA payment plan.

* Tuition assistance is considered for K-12th grade students. It is not available for preschool.

* All tuition assistance is valid for one school year only and you must re-apply for each school year. It does not automatically continue for subsequent years.

* Your student may be eligible for ATAP awards in addition to any outside scholarships (e.g. Step Up, etc).

* For additional tuition assistance opportunities, please explore the state scholarships listed on this page (see below). There may be a higher percentage of assistance available than our program is able to offer.

Please click on the following link to access the application:
School ID: 35318

Step Up For Students

This scholarship is based solely on your income and the number of persons living in your household.
This is a tax credit scholarship offered to students entering kindergarten through twelfth grade who are currently enrolled in a private school, or any student coming from a public school. Information about this scholarship is available at or 1-877-735-7837.
If you already have the Step Up For Students Scholarship, please click here.

John McKay

The John McKay Scholarship is offered by the State of Florida to students who are currently enrolled in public school and have an IEP (Individual Education Plan). In order to receive this scholarship, the parent must file a Notice of Intent and follow the instructions provided. Information regarding the John McKay Scholarship is available at or 1-800-447-1636.
If you already have the John McKay Scholarship, please click here.