Middle School Academics

Atlantic Christian Academy is committed to the integration of faith, love and learning. Our middle school program reaches a variety of learning styles and offers a curriculum of exploration as well as opportunities for students to develop core content understandings and skills. We have developed and use best practices for instruction and a variety of assessment strategies. ACA offers regular and advanced honor classes that encourage students to reach their full potential.

At Atlantic Christian Academy a rich, safe, and orderly learning environment is of top priority. We believe that student learning is best nurtured within a community that offers grace, consistent expectations and a well-managed classroom and school. ACA focuses on providing a program that challenges and supports all students within a loving, family environment. As we partner with parents in Christian education, our middle school community continues to grow in their relationships with Jesus, their family, teachers, and others.

Academic Courses of Study

High School Academics

Atlantic Christian Academy offers multiple tracks of study. Students at ACA receive a distinctive Christian education focused on college preparatory studies that are rooted in the Word of God. The instructional program emphasizes a balanced liberal arts and general academic education within a nurturing environment. Students have the opportunity to take dual credit college courses, advanced placement courses, as well as a full offering of college preparatory and general study classes.

Honors Courses are designed to challenge the student in a deeper study of the subject by improving their analytical and critical thinking skills. Students should expect to do a major project, have additional reading, complete in-depth essay test questions, and spend extra time on homework and assignments.

Advanced Placement Courses are designed to mirror college courses. Most college courses include many hours of out-of-class reading, research, and study. AP Courses at ACA are no different. Each AP Course has specific requirements related to the particular course of study. Expectations for the class will be communicated to students at the start of each semester.

Dual Credit Courses are college courses offered through Palm Beach State College. Students earn both high school and college credit when enrolled in this program. Subjects are taught by our instructors during the school day on our campus. Course work is academically challenging and students will experience the demands of doing college work. Students enrolled in Dual Credit Courses must meet the high school student admission requirements for Palm Beach State College.

All high school students at ACA have the privilege of participating in approved community service. A minimum of 25 hours per year for a total of 100 hours over four years allows students to be a light in their community as they share the love of Christ in service to others.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father in heaven. – Matthew 5:16

Academic Courses of Study